Computer experimenter since Windows 95

Hello world!

Born and raised in Phoenix proper, there was plenty of leisure time spent indoors, around books, video games, a lightbox with many utensils, and a family computer to explore the world of bods and bits, boops, and beeps, while the AOL dial tone served as the gateway to custom StarCraft games, forum boards, and the first websites paving their way across the digital frontier.

From our first Nintendo console, I had a feeling I wanted to do something with these machines, leading to interactions with awesome people and processors along the way, from computer lab collaborations, Yahoolagins! surfing, to setting up intra-classroom instant messaging with other computer labs, and other miscellaneous gaming shenanigans in the Apple lab. It was all fun and games, around Y2K, before the world awoke to the digital revolution taking place.

Beyond the keyboard

Outside of the digital landscape I have too many hobbies to count, and not enough time to tend to them all. Doodling, drawing, inking, and all other activities that involve a sketchbook started at an early age, with my amazing artist of a grandma teaching me the essentials of form, shading, and colors. Roller-blading and cycling have taken up my time while not sitting on my butt, along with bowling and systematic conditioning (working out). Mechanical keyboards, computer building, and learning of all things occurs again when fully planted back at my computer desk roost.

A tale of pair programming

My best friend and co-pilot throughout the past few years, Cassidee, has been working with me side-by-side to build our future, day by day, a cup of coffee at a time, through the good times and the awful. From the summer of 2013, we've been enjoying the journey together, from the university, to 'getting a real job', to navigating the treacherous waters in the crazy sea of life. We intend to spend many more summers together, loving each other and our blessed life.


Known languages: Python (intermediate), Java (intermediate), JavaScript (novice), Bash (novice), VbScript (novice)
Platforms developed on: Windows (primary), Mac (secondary), Linux (tertiary)

Technologies worked with in each language:

  • Python: flask, requests, coverage, praw, and many standard library packages
  • Java: Spring, Wicket, JAX-RS, custom JSP tag library technologies, most of the standard library
  • JavaScript: closures, async fundamentals, prototype-inheritence fundamentals, scoping, basic ES6, basic React/Redux
  • VbScript: library construction basics, flow control fundamentals, interfacing with COMM, interfacing with complex non-VbScript objects

There are many other technologies I've fiddled with along the way, including: Apache, Apache mod_wsgi, nGinx, uWSGI and 'the Emperor', Red Hat Enterprise Linux (only enough to despise SELinux a bit), CentOS, some Docker, some OpenShift Origin, and only a minor dose of Heroku (before deciding to go with self-hosting).

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