Computer experimenter since Windows 95

Refactoring - careful pain and suffering, for measurable gains


Take the engineering plung into the deep end once in awhile

Effecting change


Change is the main constant in life. How can we effectively mold it to our will?

Where the rubber meets your retirement fund.


Where do you stand on opportunity cost, spending habits, and keeping your old car?

Mechanical keyboards: a comprehensive review


The verdict on the internet was mostly contested on what was the 'endgame' of keyboards, from switch choice to layout... Let's explore why!

Attention folks, we are receiving slight turbulence.


When the UPS flatlines the home lab, the team at work decimates the mock server, and on getting back into routine.

Getting a site up and running - a programmers tale.


Sometimes its not the code implementation that's the problem.. Sometimes just getting time to sit and code out a solution, with no barriers to coding that is the problem.



A gentle introduction to Christopher Schmautz (me) and this blog.