Computer experimenter since Windows 95

Pardon the interuption

If you've been trying to view my site in the past week and a half or so, I've been shamelessly neglecting my server and the site has been down... Reason being is that my server died due to a transformer blowing up in the neighborhood, causing an energy surge, which my UPS recognized and shut down everything attached to it, including the server. Getting the server live again was mainly me needing to set up proper restart parameters in the .service file for the uWSGI emperor. Now it's back up and running! Again, as I stressed in my post about setting up this website, user permissions are important bits... Failing to get that right on POSIX is debilitating.

Back to work

While I enjoyed a great staycation after PyCon, this week I went back to work, back to what seemed like a state of chaos. When I left, my workstream had people working on the REST service, which seemed to be near completion, we had a semi-functional mock server set up (that was yet to be hooked up to the React UI we're building), and we seemed to be knocking out stories as-expected... However, on return, the mock server was completely scrapped for unexplained circumstances, the REST service was being redesigned, we are migrating to a new jvm, and overall the team velocity seemed to be suffering - what even happened?

After some investigation I found that the team didn't understand where I was going with the mock server, and how we needed to mock certain assumptions that the real API was making (like user log in functionality, which pre-filters the other resources we have available on the mock service API), and since I hadn't really written anything down before I left, the whole thing just got scrapped. As for the REST service, I'm still not sure where we're at and what's going on... Requirements seem to be in flux, code is therefore in flux, and there's little clarity about roles and responsibilities. When do we call 0118 999 881 999 119 7253?

This has not been the most ideal week to get back 'in the swing of things' after a long hiatus, and on top of that, I had an irregular work from home / go into office / work out kind of week, only getting to the gym twice! Suffice it to say it feels like I've let my team down a bit, and myself down a whole lot. The only saving grace with this week was keeping a consistent schedule - when to wake up, when to stop computering, and when to sleep, things that may not seem important but do have their impact on my (and likely your) overall wellbeing.

What's cookin'?

There's a few topics I'm tossing around for the blog and there will be more to come soon! Loads to get off my chest about mechanical keyboards, code happenings at work and home, and other life lessons people might benefit from learning about. Some of the topics are how-to's, some are more about the overall lesson to be learned, and some are just plain rant-y! Feel free to connect with me via social media and let me know what you think about the topics I cover which will include:

  • Being 25 and highly fiscally conservative: how to, why, and things to consider
  • Your choice of vehicle, upkeep, and why it matters
  • Mechanical keyboards: a comprehensive review
  • Recipes for better health: on cooking
  • The power of the consumer
  • Building computers: a dieing art
  • Weighing the opportunity costs
  • Testing: thinking mathematically, asserting tactfully, and frustrations around flaky code

    So far this is what I've got to work with, and I'll be covering them sporadically, so stay tuned. If there's a particular topic you're interested in, reach out to me and it'll get worked into the lineup!