Computer experimenter since Windows 95

The long hiatus

It's been some time since I've posted a new blog post or did much with my website, a quarter because I've been disinterested, a quarter because of my family, and the other half because I've been doing other things in this great big world of ours. As much as I like my website, writing posts, etc, it does take some time to sit down, think through topics, and actually write them.

The other reason for the long wait is, I've been thinking about how to rearrange the website better. 'Portfolio' just didn't sit well with me, since I don't do a large amount of commissions, however, I do get into a ton of projects which end up on the blog usually. My thought then was, 'What if my projects were highlighted outside of the blog, and the blog portion was left to broader subjects, or intellectual topics?' That led to this redesign, with the first additional 'project' as this site redesign work.

Meat and potatoes

One of the main features I wanted to add was code blocks to my markdown, so that I could also blog about code. This in hindsight seems like a feature I would have shopped around for in the beginning but that wasn't the case, and the markdown parser I had chosen originally (Mistune) was quirky just with the base syntax. In comes Mistletoe, a formatter pushing it's value-add as a standards-compliant parser (with plenty of examples on there GitHub where Mistune was failing me similarly).

Example code block (bash):

echo 'hells yea' 


import foo 
import bar 

So with the idea to change 'Portfolio' to 'Projets', and to replace Mistune with Mistletoe, I began slowly refactoring the code and making the neccessary updates. It was a slow and long process, as I only picked up the project here and there, but finally around April I had it complete. I'm now writing this blog post in July to get the enhancements out the door!

Last but not least, I wanted to crystalize the Material Design Lite documentation which Google has hosted on their site. Given that MDL is technically deprecated, this felt like a good thing to do, even if the library doesn't have fixes coming soon (because Google).

Things to come

There are a spattering of topics I could write about, from personal code design style, to life as a new father, and I'm working through the idea list. There also needs to a restrospective on mechanical keyboards, with now two years and plenty of keyboard builds 'under my belt', since my piece on them was so verbose, and my view now slightly jaded.

Other ideas I had toyed around with on the site included creating a QMK interface for people to build .hex files (already done by a number of sites), to adding a journal portion for less lengthy posts, and possibly the ability to add comments to things. We'll see as I'm not sold on the time commitments for any of those enhancements!

See you cyberspace cowboys and cowgirls later.